Friday, July 23, 2010

a hair journey?!

As a child i always had thick, luscious hair, but it slowly started to break off due to my ignorance towards hair care.
(although i was relaxed at a young age, i was able to still maintain thick hair)

My mom and aunt took care of my hair up until middle school and in middle school is when it started to go downhill. I would say i relaxed my hair every 4-6 wks (which in my eyes is a HUGE no-no), i used a petroleum/mineral oil based grease to "grease" my scalp, and i NEVER really moisturized my hair. And in the blink of an eye i had damaged, brittle, short hair.

In high school i discovered "Milky Way" weave and hair glue and after that my hair was never the same. The glue broke my hair off so bad that i was ashamed to walk out the house. Something needed to be done and QUICK. So i made a hair appointment to get all the damaged hair cut and i vowed to learn how to take better care of my hair.

(my hair cut, 2006 -- ear length)

I maintained this hair cut for a whole year while reasearching hair care tips/technique. And in August 2007 i started my hair care journey.

So you might be thinking, "whats the point of a hair journey"?! Well for me the point of MY hair journey was to document me growing out my hair to be long thick and HEALTHY. i was tired of hair that was breaking all the time and i was definitely tired of having short hair. I have a BIG head and short hair is not flattering, seriously. I felt that documenting my progress gave me visual proof that my hair was slowly growing towards my goal and it also was some sort of inspiration for me to continue with my journey.

Now as corny as it sounds to some, it really did help. I went from EL (ear length) hair in 2007 to APL (arm pit length) hair in 3 years. But enough of my rambling, here as some of the documented pictures that i have of my hair journey.

(after a 5 month stretch, i went from EL to NL, neck length)

(Feb 2008)

(nov 2008)

(feb 2009, hair was growing un-even so needed a trim)

(march 2009)

May 2010 (after several trims to get rid of split ends and make it even)

So i have not flat ironed my hair since May 2010 and i dont plan on using a flat iron until my next "length check" which will be January 2011.

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