Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Caruso Steam Rollers

Protective styling can be such a pain at times. I know for me personally, I could not rock buns 24/7, so i researched protective styling on a hair forum and came up with The Caruso Steam Roller Set. The Caruso Steam Roller Set are rollers that use steam from water to create strong, long-lasting and luxurious curls. It also help condition, soften and make hair shinier while adding volume and reducing frizz.

Immediately i went to Sallys Beauty Supply Store and purchased the roller set for $37.99 (with my Beauty Card) and i can honestly say it's one of my favorite hair purchases. I've used this so many times these past couple of months (except for now, since its colder out, had to bring back the buns).

Ultimately it takes me 10 mins to put the rollers through my entire head and i normally can acheive good curls within 30 mins. 

Now i know a post is not worthy without pictures, so here they go:

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The set came with 6 Jumbo, 6 Large, 6 Medium, 6 Small, 6 Petite

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All these styles used NO HEAT, i applied the rollers on air dried hair and styled how i wanted to.